What is a backwater valve?

A backwater valve is a one way flow control valve installed in a drainage system, that under normal conditions allows the waste water to drain out of the system but if a reversal of flow should occur, the valve will be forced closed and protect the interior of the building from sewage backup. Every year thousands of homes are flooded with raw sewage and storm water causing millions in damages that could have been avoided with properly installed backwater valves.

When are backwater valves required?

Backwater valves are required to protect fixtures and drainage openings that are installed below grade; such as in a basement, where the possibility exists for the municipal sewage or storm water systems to become overloaded and force waste water back through your drains. Backwater valves are also required on any subsoil drainage pipe that connects into the sanitary drain, to protect it from sewage backups.

***How does a backwater valve work

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